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Digital Video Recorders or DVR

A Dvr is the device that enables viewing of your analog , High Definition and in the hybrid model I.P. cameras.  security cameras onto one screen. Either a single view, quad view (4 cameras) , 9, 16,32 cameras on one screen or you can build a custom view. The Dvr also is responsible for storing all of your recorded video brought in from each individual camera. The video stores to a hard drive located inside the Dvr. The amount of storage space is dictated by how large the hard drive is inside the Dvr. The more cameras you have the larger hard drive you will need. A typical setup would be between 15 and 30 days recording time, anywhere between 500gig to 2 terabyte hard drive. There are larger hard drives available to get storage for over 6 months in some cases.  Another factor in determining storage capacity in your Dvr is the frame rate at which the Dvr is set to. This can be anywhere from 1 to 30 frames per second. We usually set our Dvr's at 12 to 15 frames per second. We feel this is an acceptable level that does not compromise any recording quality and will ensure you don't compromise any recording quality and will ensure you don't miss any recorded footage stored from your security cameras. The video can be transferred to removable devices and stored such as flash drives or external hard drives.
All Dvr's have the ability to be viewed and controlled off premise remotely, an internet connection is required at the Dvr. All are viewable on all mobile devices.

The Dvr has the capability to send push notifications or emails directly to your smartphone or tablet when a secure perimeter is breached around your home or business. (a video can be found in our "HELP" tab)
Our standard Dvr's have the ability to handle Analog cameras up to 960 TV lines and High Definition cameras up to 2 megapixel.

The Hybrid Dvr can handle Analog cameras up to 960 TV lines and I.P. cameras up to 5 megapixel
Both Dvr's are designed to work with existing CCTV system whereas you may have existing cameras that you are not ready to upgrade yet, although you want to add some more cameras. In that case we would integrate your existing cameras and add the better High Def or I.P. the system by simply upgrading your Dvr.


Dvr's are available in many sizes meaning capacity to hold more cameras:
4 channel = 4 cameras
8 channel= 8 cameras
16 channel=16 cameras
32 channel=32 cameras
When choosing a Dvr take into consideration that you may expand someday and consider buying a larger Dvr that you can one day add cameras to since they are not upgradeable.


Hybrid DVR

Analog and I.P ameras

Available in 4,8,16 and 32 channels

- H.264 Video Compression

- WD1(960x480) resolution real-time recording

- HDMI and VGA output at up to 1920x1080P Resolution

- DuaStream

- Gigabit network interfaces

- 8/16-ch synchronous playback

- HDD quota and group management


Hybrid DVR

Analog and High Def Cameras

Available in 4,8,16 and 32 Channels


- HD H.264 DVR

- Dual-Stream Video Compression

- Supports HD and Analog Cameras

- Full Channel 1080P@15fps

- 720P@30fps Recording

- HDMI and VGA Output up to 1920x1080P Resolution

- Long Transmission Distance Over 1000ft Coax Cable